2016 Lembeh vs Gulen Shootout


The first SHOOTOUT took place between Lembeh Resort, Indonesia and Gulen Dive Resort, Norway in May 2016.

The teams competed in three categories: Nudibranchs, Invertebrates and Fish. The contestants were allowed two days for each category, a practice day and then the actual competition. At the end of the second day of each category, team captains Keri Wilk and Tobias Friedrich helped each contestant chose an image which was entered into the the public vote. The image with the most votes won these ratings were the assigned a score to give an overall placing for the team.

In 2016, team Gulen won the first (Nudibranch) round, and team Lembeh the second (Invertebrates). This left it all to “play” for in the final, and team Lembeh were just able to beat team Gulen by a very narrow margin.

Of course, the result is only a small part of the whole picture. Two teams gathered to take images and share experiences. In such an environment, everyone collaborated and the result was an incredible creative experience. We also all had a whole lot of fun!

Wetpixel was on hand at both resorts to cover the action.