Team Gulen: Ørjan Sandnes

Ørjan Sandnes


How long have you been taking underwater images?
Since 2001

What camera are you using?
I have a Nauticam housing with a Nikon D500 and Sea&Sea strobes

Which critter do you want to capture most?
Nudibranchs are my favourite, I like to shoot creatures underwater

What techniques do you hope to improve on during the event?
The creative part is important.

Which of the three categories are you most excited about shooting (Nudibranchs, invertebrates/fish, wide angle) and why?
I like the wide angle most because of the challenge and since it more demanding or creative so to speak.

Have you been to Lembeh or Gulen before? If so, what advice can you offer your fellow team members?
Gulen is my home place so yes I like the location, but want to go and visit Lembeh as well of course

Any other comments?
Go Gulen, lets have some fun this upcoming week