Rules for the 2018 Shootout


General Rules

1. Only images that have been taken on the respective contest days at the respective resorts will be accepted to the competition. Please ensure that camera times and date settings are correct. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify images with incorrect dates.
2. For the purposes of this contest, a day is defined as during daylight hours i.e. between sunrise and sunset.
3. Dive times:
Lembeh: Unlimited in number and duration on practice days. Limited to 3 x 60 minute dives on competition days.
Gulen: Unlimited in number and duration on practice and competition days.
4. Images submitted to any of the categories should comply with all category requirements, as described in detail above.
5. All and any images submitted must be the photographer’s own work. Co operation between participants is strongly encouraged.
6. Images submitted to the competition must be taken with at least half of the lens’ horizontal area under the sea. Split or half and half images are acceptable.
7. Participants must shoot in RAW format and have RAW files available for all submitted entries if required. The contest reserves the right to review RAW files as and when required. In the event of RAW being unavailable with a specific camera model, please refer to the organizers before submission.
8. Editing of images using any imaging software is allowed. This includes color and contrast enhancements, backscatter removal, minor flaws fixes and background consolidation. Cropping is allowed, as long as there is sufficient resolution remaining to allow printing at 300 dpi with a native A4 size.
9. Image editing that alters the main content of the image, beyond minor cleaning, such as moving, adding or removing foreign elements, is not permitted.
10. When editing, please bear in mind that this is a photographic contest, rather than a graphic design one.
11. Each contestant is expected to show exemplary respect for the marine environment throughout the event. Images that, in the opinion of the above judging panel and any outside experts that they may enlist, depicts behaviors, positions or subjects in locations that do not occur naturally will result in the images being disqualified. In these cases, the organizers reserve the right to prevent the photographer from participating further in The Shootout.
12. Participants and guides may not make physical contact with subjects. The only exception to this is if the animal itself initiates the contact. Feeding subjects is not permitted. At the organizer’s discretion, photographers that do not behave in an environmentally responsible manner may be disqualified from further participation in The Shootout.
13. The Shootout is entitled to disqualify a participant who acts against the rules, is involved in undue conduct, has caused harm to another participant, acts in any way that is contradictory to the spirit of the competition, or for any other reason that the adjudication panel sees fit. Disqualification will result in a nominal placing of (joint) 50th in all categories, and this placing will reflect in the individual and team scores. The decision to remove a participant from the competition is final and indisputable, and does not entitle the participant to receive compensation or a refund of any kind.
14. Participants are not allowed to share, like, promote or communicate their images in ANY way. We do encourage the participants to share the WHOLE contest voting site.
15. All judging decisions are final and cannot be questioned.

Image use

The organizers reserve the right to use images submitted to the contest for the marketing of this and future events worldwide and in perpetuity.

Submitted images will not be used for any purpose beyond the marketing of this and/or future contests.

Copyright of all images remains with the creators.

Model release

Each participant agrees that any images taken of them during the event by event staff or others may be used in event reports and coverage both during and after The Shootout.