Team Gulen: Timur Kholodenko

Timur Kholodenko


How long have you been taking underwater images? 
7 years

What camera are you using? 
Canon 5D Sr, Ikelite for 5D Sr, Ikelite DS160, Canon 100mm/Canon 17-40mm

Which critter do you want to capture most?

What techniques do you hope to improve on during the event?
Wide angle

Which of the three categories are you most excited about shooting (Nudibranch, invertebrates/fish, wide angle) and why? 
Nudibranch, Critters and wide angle

Have you been to Lembeh or Gulen before? If so, what advice can you offer your fellow team members?

Visited Gulen twice (both during Nudibranch Safari) My advice to fellow team member? J– if you never visited Gulen, get ready for an amazing experience. The location of the Gulen Dive Resort, easily can be featured in any art magazine, depicting gorgeous landscape, with picturesque outline of the nearby mountains curved by meandering, mysterious passages of the fjord. This is my first visit during the summer, but I hope that underwater marine life is as plentiful, if not more, that I’ve seen in March. But the most valuable part of Gulen Dive Resort – people I’ve met and dove with on both 
of my trip.

Any other comments? 
Please, teach Guido some manners (nice guy, but very annoying:))))