Team Lembeh: Kirsty Andrews

Kirsty Andrews


How long have you been taking underwater images? 
I bought a second-hand SLR about 6 years ago and have become gradually more obsessive ever since!

What camera are you using? 
Nikon D500, Nauticam housing, Sea & Sea D1 strobes (x2), lenses: Nikon 105mm, Nikon 60mm, Tokina 17-70mm, Sigma 10-17mm, variety of wet lenses

Which critter do you want to capture most? 
I’ve never been to Lembeh before and am so excited to see all the amazing critters. Some of the cool octopus species would be lovely.

What techniques do you hope to improve on during the event?
I want to get out of my comfort zone with lighting techniques

Which of the three categories are you most excited about shooting (Nudibranch, invertebrates/fish, wide angle) and why?
They’re all exciting – but perhaps invertebrates/fish, as I hear that there are such a wide range of crazy creatures at Lembeh.  Who knows what I’ll spot.

Have you been to Lembeh or Gulen before? If so, what advice can you offer your fellow team members?
This is my first time in Lembeh. I’ve been to Norway before, near Gulen, and was very impressed by the excellent visibility.  My advice is to have 
fun :)