Team Lembeh: Wayne Lai


Wayne Lai



How long have you been taking underwater images?

Two years

What camera are you using? 

Canon 5D3, Sea and Sea Housing, Ikelite 160 and Inon Z-240, Canon EF 100mm lens, Canon Fisheye 8-15mm lens, Canon 16-35mm lens


Which critter do you want to capture most?

Juvenile fish

What techniques do you hope to improve on during the event?

Back lighting, creative lighting and long exposure

Which of the three categories are you most excited about shooting (Nudibranch, invertebrates/fish, wide angle) and why?

Fish, wide angle


Have you been to Lembeh or Gulen before? If so, what advice can you offer your fellow team members?

I have been to Lembeh 7 times.

Any other comments?

Alex told me in Ambon last year that he can only give advice for our team for the first three days of the shootout only. I join this workshop for the purpose of learning underwater photography from Alex. So, please allow us ask questions and Alex give us advice for whole period of workshop.

Editors note: The team captains are there to help advise their teams on how to win the contest. This event is NOT a photographic workshop or tutorial.